Interno Lavanderia a Vapore

Lavanderia a Vapore

Lavanderia a Vapore in Collegno is a regional centre dedicated to dance and contemporary creative languages; it is modelled on European Dance Houses and is run by the Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo.

Its mission is to become the home of the Piedmont dance scene and a model for European dance in general, thanks to the redevelopment of an area that was formerly the steam laundry of the Regio Manicomio (Royal Insane Asylum) in Collegno,near Turin.

The rehabilitation of the site is part of regional policy actions intended to integrate culture, performing arts and community development following an agreement between regional governments and MiBACT (Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism) that establishes a new Italian System of Artistic Residencies.

Lavanderia a Vapore presents a diversified season in which it explores the field of dance through a variety of languages and approaches. Its permanent, integrated programme features great diversity in the area of creative production. The programme is developed in unison with project partners with the goal of attracting international artists and providing opportunities and support for local talent.

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