stagioni teatrali


The Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo, Circuito Regionale Multidisciplinare programme includes a highly diversified set of events ranging from music to theatre, from dance to ballet, from circus to children’s theatre.

The vision it shares with its partner the Piedmont Region, with respect to developing territorial policies has broadened the scope of Foundation and transformed it into a fully-fledged operating arm and a key partner in the field of live performance.

The season programme for drama, the theatrical genre par excellence, ranges from classic content to more topical themes with casts that alternate between well-known faces and young talents, acclaimed directors and actors. For the second consecutive season, the del_Presente project, which focuses on emerging and contemporary drama, is included in the programme of some of the regional theatres. Dance, an increasingly popular feature of theatre seasons, alternates between the neo-classical style and contemporary research, between established companies and artists and promising young newcomers. Furthermore, over the past three years, the Foundation has launched – and has implemented since January – an audience engagement policy intended to develop outreach policies to engage young people and the territory more in general. The IO Partecipo project targets spectators who take an active part in the Circuit and to whom Piemonte dal Vivo awards promotional tickets.

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